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RLM is “WE”. We do not place restrictions of personal beliefs or opinions. Our primary objective is to encourage and sustain unity in all of humanity, while catering to the individuality that is creative expression. We are dedicated to supporting each other in a positive environment that is conducive to Mental, Emotional, Spiritual – and therefore- Physical growth.

  • Mental.
  • Emotional.
  • Spiritual.
  • Physical.

Purify Me – Quincy Davis x Talilo Marfil x Antonia Marquee #hiphop4flint

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Featured Artist

Subconscious Culture

Subconscious Culture, the dynamically eclectic six-piece hip-hop band, home-grown in Portland, is certainly on the up and up and bringing no shortage of energy with them. Leading the charge with engagingly expressive vocals and practical orchestration is Erin Miller aka Seth (as known from his solo project), formally of Hypfonic in the UK. You’ll find Joel Hobuss on the bass who holds down rock-solid grooves with punchy in-the-pocket slaps and pops, which may be locally familiar to fans of his previous bands Item 9 and Sacred Road. Spencer Stevens is a locally sought after, multi-faceted musician who provides the keys for Subconscious Culture, literally, with smart and jazzy chops reminiscent of Peanuts in the best sense. He’s currently playing in The Bottom Shelf Band and Stein Project. The guitar player, Nate Ashbaugh, has a foundationally intuitive style and sense of placement for his methodical melodies and chords. Trevor Bateman adds something highly desired amongst many hip-hop bands, but is more often-than-not left unfulfilled: the saxophone. With the full-time addition of Bateman’s saxophone, Subconscious Culture has elevated their sound with an array of smooth, buttery tonal colors that would make anyone’s ears stand at attention. Last but not least Drew Reinherdt, brings his groovy rhythms and stylings as organic as a heartbeat, tying together the body that makes Subconscious Culture. Special guests include Emily Etherington aka Eminent of Kinetic Emcees and Laryssa Birdseye.

RLM is Community in Action.

Inspiring youth, building community, and striving towards unity.

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